June 13, 2024

xiaomi Launch Mi Wireless Mouse Lite in China

Xiaomi launched a wireless mouse with a 1,000DPI optical sensor and 2.4GHz wireless transmission.

Mi Wireless Mouse Lite i

Xiaomi launched the Xiaomi wireless mouse. This mouse has many features similar to other companies, but due to some other features, this mouse may seem a bit different to you. The price of the mouse is less than 500 rupees.

Mi Wireless Mouse has been launched. The mouse comes with wireless transmission technology of 2.4GHz. These technologies also get you into the icons of HP and Logitech. The Chinese company has kept the design of this mouse quite common which comes with lightweight.

The Mi Wireless Mount also features a wireless receiver. While you get the left and right-click buttons in terms of control, the scroll wheel. priced wireless mouse is currently launched in China priced at Rs 400. However, the mouse can get you for Rs 300 at the initial price if you buy it in the sale on November 11.

The Mi Wireless Mouse Lite is limited only to the Chinese market, where no information has been given about the global launch so far.


mi wireless mouse light comes with an optical sensor with a resolution of 1000dpi. It comes with an AAA battery. In this, you have been given a power button which activates the tracking. The mouse comes with automatic sleep technology. Like other wireless mics, this mouse also comes with a USB Type-A port. A Teflon made footpad is given in the middle of the mouse. This mouse is very effective for long use.

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